The Stirring of my Soul

Jun 11

I am feeling pretty miserable. Have been for a little while now. struggling. 

May 26

Happiness Project Goals Summer 2k14

Write more (creatively)

Read more (for pleasure)

be productive with my master’s research/other school stuff

volunteer more!! (…or, you know, at all)

WORK OUT more (join dynamo for June, do roller derby in July, run a race in every month this summer May, June, July, August, September)

Revisit spirituality (taize prayer, mosque? church?)

Date better guys

eat healthy/learn to cook

spend time with friends

STARTING TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 12



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May 03

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Nov 30

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This makes me crazy happy. &lt;3 

This makes me crazy happy. <3 

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Sep 03


Aug 31

When my friend asks me if I’ve ever thought about why I’m still single


and I’m just like…


May 09

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